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Modern day life can be stressful and fast paced. You have a to-do list longer than the great American novel, the kids aren’t ready for school and your boss is nagging you for that work deadline. Boiling point is being reached and stress levels are reaching critical. Sound familiar? Check out our top 10 ways to de-stress before you go all Incredible Hulk and let stress overwhelm you!

10. Meditation: Not as weird and new age as you’d expect, meditation can be a great way of relaxing and de-stressing both when you are stressed, but also as a preventative measure. Try deep breathing, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth in slow steady breaths while clearing your mind of thoughts for 5-10 minutes a day to decrease your stress levels.

9. Listen To Music: Scientific studies have shown music can transform our mood, bring back memories and help us to perform better during exercise. Genres such as classical or acoustic music can help us to slow down our heart rate and relax or sticking your favourite turn on can bring back happy memories and improve your mood. According to the charity MIND, music therapy is a recognised way of improving mental health so dust off the CDs and distress your life through music!

8. Exercise: A well known stress-buster, exercise releases endorphins or feel good hormones that can elevate our mood. Exercise can also be a great way to stop yourself thinking about whatever’s stressing you out and release some tension through letting loose on the punch bag for 10 rounds, providing a great physical workout as well as a mental reboot. The benefits of exercise for mental health are well documented and GPs can prescribe gym programs for those suffering with depression.

7. Yoga: One specific type of exercise linked to distressing is yoga which promotes both physical and mental health. Yoga can be done in specific classes or alternatively at home, and even 5 minutes of stretching and deep breathing can refresh your mind and give you the mental boost needed to stifle your stress.

6. Have A Cup Of Tea!: After all, we are British and so what top 10 list could not include tea! A 2010 study conducted by University College London found drinking black tea can have a calming effect on us and specialist teas such as camomile are well known for calming the mind and soothing worries. So next time stress takes over, give yourself 10 minutes, flick on the kettle and relax with a cuppa!

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